Here’s the timetable for the new series of KT Workshops. As you know, Emma kicked off programme again this year with her workshop on “Remembrance” with the Alan Bennett play Waiting for the Telegram. Next up will be Kip, who’s going to take you on a trip back in time through an exploration of archeology and the English tense system. For the full list, click here.

All you have to do to take part in any of the workshops is to let Doria know you would like to attend, either by telling her in person, or by calling the school. As you can see, this year we have a number of interesting topics, from cultural differences to technology to conkers. There are also some top tips about how to study better, and of course Alan will be entertaining everyone with his annual pub quiz – but not until the end of April this year. We look forward to seeing you all here on Saturday mornings!!!