This autumn at Keep Talking we’re celebrating our 30th Anniversary. After all the highs and lows of the last three decades (mostly ‘highs’ fortunately!) we’re still here, still doing what we set out to do back in 1989: to offer quality language courses to kids, adults and companies.

Almost from the start we heard stories about how technology would kill off traditional language courses and we’ve certainly seen a lot of technological changes – from audio and video tapes, through CDs to courses online. And who knows what Artificial Intelligence will bring? So what is it that the students who come through our doors appreciate in Keep Talking? I think the answer lies in two words ‘care’ and ‘commitment’. Students can see that all of the staff genuinely care about them and their progress and are willing to do that little bit extra to ensure that they reach their goals. Everyone working here has always shown impressive levels of commitment to the job, whether they are preparing for lessons or performing in the classroom.

So what keeps us going? I think it’s the knowledge that we have played a part in helping many thousands of children and adults to communicate better in English, to get more out of their holidays abroad, their jobs and their studies. And even in helping some people to transform their lives. So, as long as we continue to feel that we are making this kind of a difference, there’s no reason why Keep Talking shouldn’t be doing this for another 30 years!

Kip Kelland – Owner / Principal