Kip's workshop at Ceramichiamo on 20 March 2016

On Saturday 20th February Kip Kelland ran a very special workshop in collaboration with Ceramichiamo Paint-a-Pot Studio of Corte Roma, Via Roma, Udine. A group of twelve students came along expecting to learn a lot of English and ended up painting ceramic tiles! This was part of a project to prepare a beautiful mural which will go on the wall of the reception area. It will basically be the first thing people see when they walk into the school.

The mural is going to consist of a large dark blue KT: logo which will be surrounded by the flags and symbols of English-speaking countries, painted by our students (and Emma!) together with two painting experts from the UK, Sylvia Clayton and Rachel Byass. The flags included classics like the Scottish saltire and the Canadian maple leaf and less well-known ones like Antigua & Barbuda and Kenya. The symbols ranged from the lotus flower for India, the Welsh leek and the Irish shamrock to the British bulldog, the US bald eagle and the Australian “roo”.

The initial results seem to be fantastic. Now all we need to do is finish off three of the tiles, glaze them, fire them and then assemble the whole thing on the wall. We’ll post a photo here and on Facebook in a couple of weeks, as soon as it’s ready.

The next workshop will be another very practical one, but will be held at the school this time. It’s all about the language of wine and winetasting and will be held by Wayne Young from the Bastianich Winery, on Friday 11th March at 19.30.

Kip's workshop on 20 March 2016
Kip’s workshop on 20 March 2016