The 46th issue of the Definite Article is now ready to view online, simply click here to see it. As you know, the theme for this issue was autumn and it certainly inspired a lot of budding Keep Talking journalists to put pen to paper because we were inundated with articles!

The prize for the best article goes to Elena Conti, so congratulations to her! You can read her article “Autumn Memories” on page 3. We’d also like to give a special mention to two of our younger writers: Francesco Germino, aged only 10, whose article “A Magnificent Autumn Day in Udine” can be found on the front page, and Erica Hlede, from Teens 5, whose article “Autumn Traditions” can be found on page 9.

A huge thanks to everyone who contributed an article, the quality was very high and, as usual, it was really difficult to choose which articles to put in and which to leave out. If you can’t find yours then Keep Writing! because the 47th Definite Article will be coming out at the beginning of summer. In this issue, we’ve tried to include as wide a range of themes as possible, so we hope you’ll enjoy reading the articles as much as we did.

Happy Reading!!


If you would like to access any of the back issues, just follow the link below to the archive:

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